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We help the following types of people with their US visa applications:

 Corporate clients – companies based outside the US who wish to transfer employees to the US or employ foreign workers in the US. We can help with all US visa and entry issues for your employees.

 Individual investors who have invested or wish to invest in a US business.

Private individual clients including US citizens who wish to sponsor their spouses or children for US immigrant visas.

Individuals applying for US visitor or work visas with previous criminal convictions or other US inadmissibilities such as for a prior US visa overstay.

Individuals who are US citizens who wish to renounce their US citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residents (or “green card”) holders who wish to formally abandon their Lawful Permanent Residency card.

Unfortunately, we cannot help if you:

Are enquiring about entering the US on the Visa Waiver Program or ESTA.

Need to apply for a B1/B2 visitor visa because you are not a VWP national and do not have a complication such as a criminal conviction.

Wish to work in the US but do NOT have a job offer from a US employer who wishes to sponsor you for a visa.

Do not wish to engage the services of a lawyer in your visa application.

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USA: +1 (312) 361 0581

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