10 Things Expats Need to Know About US Immigration

1. Get good advice on which is the best US visa for what you want to do and your personal circumstances as early aspossible to avoid delays.

2. Plan your strategy for your application to make it go as smoothly as possible.

3. Be patient and realize it will take longer than expected.

4. Most US work visas require that you have a petition approved first at a US Citizenship & Immigration Services service center in the US before you can apply for a visa at the Embassy.

5.When you enter the US on a visathe Immigration Officer will stamp your I-94 card and write in the date when your visa status expires.Sometimes mistakes are made so make sure you reviewwhen it is given back to youto rectify anyerrors right there.

6. If you have an investor or professional work visa your children can accompany you on dependent visas until they turn 21 but they can’t work in the US, unless it’s university on-campus employment.

7. A temporary work visa does not automatically lead to permanent residency (aka the green card).

8. Unmarried partners aren’t eligible for a dependent work visa but may qualify for a B-2 visitor visa as long as they can prove they have an established relationship.

9. A person can be found to have abandoned their green card if they move outside the US for a year or more. If you have a green card but move outside the US for more than a year you will need to apply for a Re-entry Permit if you plan to return to the US to avoid losing your green card because you abandoned your permanent residency.

10. You can apply for naturalization to become a US citizenafter you have been a permanent resident for three years if you got your green card through marriage or five years if youreceived your green card through work or investment.